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Professional Russian language courses in Melbourne

At the Russian Language Centre, we make learning Russian language a fun, meaningful and practical experience for students of all ages. Our comprehensive beginner and intermediate level courses at the Russian Language Centre offer even complete beginners the chance to master the Russian language.

What does the course fee include?

One term tuition fee of $300 includes:
  • 10 x 90 min language classes
  • Conversation workshop fee (Enriched Elementary Course)
  • All class materials
  • Customized lesson by lesson follow up
The Essential Travel 5 week Course fee of $250 includes:
  • 5 x 90 min language classes
  • All class materials

Intensive Express Beginner (New!)

The Intensive Express Beginner course covers the same content as Beginner Course 1 (see below) within shorter period due to the extended duration of weekly sessions.

Course fee:  $250 
Duration: 7 x 120 minute weekly classes
Class minimum: 6 people
Pathway: Beginner 2

Beginner Course 1
Complete beginners

The Beginner Course 1 is an introduction to Russian language study. Within 10 weeks, you will develop basic Russian language skills as well as learn more about the Russian people, land, traditions, culture, literature, music, politics, history and much more. By the end of the course you will be able to read and write Cyrillic, know basic grammar and have a simple conversation in Russian. This course is suitable for people who wish to study Russian language in detail beyond introduction level and are ready to commit to 15 - 20 minutes a day to homework or independent study. The course is conducted in both English and Russian languages.

Course fee: $300 ( $50 deposit + $250 balance 2 weeks prior to first class)
Duration: 10 x 90 min weekly classes
Minimum class: 8 people
Pathway: Beginner 2

Beginner Course 2
Continuing beginners

The Continuing Beginner Course 2 is suitable for people who have completed the Beginner Course 1, the introduction course or Express Beginner Course. It is suitable for those who can read and write Cyrillic, have basic knowledge of Russian language and are ready to develop further confidence in all areas of the Russian language and those who continue detailed language study. For a steady progress on this level, we encourage the allocation of 20 minutes a day to homework and independent language study (movies, music, TV shows, news etc). This course is conducted mostly in Russian, although new grammar and technicalities are explained in English.

Course fee: $300 ( $50 deposit + $250 balance 2 weeks prior to first class)
Duration: 10 x 90 min weekly classes
Maximum class: 9 people
Pathway: Beginner 3

Intermediate Course 

The Intermediate Course is recommended to learners who have studied the Russian language for at least 1 year in a University, completed a course with RusLink and recommended by a RusLink teacher, lived in Russia or have a Russian family background. This program is focused on developing proficiency in written and spoken language comprehension. The objective of this course is to help our students to go beyond the spoken language understanding and become confident communicators. Within this course, students will read and discuss Russian classic and contemporary literature, listen, watch and discuss current affairs and learn more about independent and government media in Russia. You will expand your vocabulary and become a confident user of Russian. The Intermediate Course is conducted only in Russian.  

Course fee: $300 ( $50 deposit + $250 balance 2 weeks prior to first class) 
Maximum class: 6 people
Pathway: Intermediate 2

Class Timetable

All evening classes start on weeknights at 6:30 pm and end soon after 8 pm. Please note that all courses are subject to confirmation. Your enrollment form will ask you to state preferred days for attendance and we always try to structure the timetable to satisfy the greatest number of students. The confirmed timetable is published one week prior to the start of term. 

For more details and enrolments, contact us today!

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